Badass on Wheels

First tell us a little about yourself.
Hi, I'm Jon! They call me Fatboy.  When people say "why you call yourself fat dude" I reply with "Fat stands for fucking awesome thanks!" Anywho, I was born July 2nd of 1990 and have been wreckin' shit since day one! Some of my first memories were turning wrenches and riding anything on wheels. Pretty much was born to shred!

If you dont mind me asking how did you end up in a wheelchair?
February 11th 2009, I was rushing to school in my 98 integra. I passed this guy in a 25 mph zone like a jackass. I had a bad tire in the rear, and was going around a bend doing about 100mph, the tire gave out. I lost control and hit a tree and was ejected out of the sunroof as the car was flipping. I was crushed by the car and flung like a booger through the air! I remember hitting the ground and watching my left femur snap in half and the bone shot through the skin, and my foot kicked me in the ribs. As I'm laying on the road, spitting chunks of glass, dirt, and all kinds of other elements from the earth out, I watched my car flip one last time and settle on its roof. I immediately tried to sit up, and found out real fast that I had broken my back. A few seconds went past, and I could hear what sounded like water pouring down the sewer. So I turn around to see a puddle of my own blood rushing down the road into a sewer. At that moment I was convinced I was going to die. So I pulled out my cell phone and called my family members and my girlfriend and basically said I fucked up and good bye.
Flash forward, were at the hospital now, they are taking me in through the doors at the ER and I could feel my heart just giving out. I fought to stay awake but it was just getting so much easier to close me eyes and go to sleep. I asked the nurse, "am i going to be able to have kids?" And boom, I was out. Just couldn't stay with it anymore. I felt my last heart beat and everything went black.

I woke up what seemed like an eternity later, pulling breathing tubes out of my throat in panic. The said they fixed my leg, but my back was burst into a hundred little pieces at L5 vertebrae and my pelvis was shattered in 7 pieces, and I needed rushed into emergency surgery for my pelvis. The last thing I remember before going into surgery, was these stupid air pumps on my legs (bugged the shit out of me) so I go into a 14 hour long surgery on Thursday February 12, only to come out of it Friday the 13th. The instant I came too, I looked at the doctor and said "I can't feel my f*cking legs!" He turned white as a ghost and walked out. To this day, I still don't know what caused me to be paralyzed, mistake in surgery? Stroke? Regardless, it was a random act of God. I had 85 long days to sit in the hospital and think about life. Everything was about to change, and that was a scary thought. Little did I know it was going to be the best thing that ever happened to me!

How did you discover WCMX and how did you get into it?
Welp, I was sitting in rehab one day being a little bitch about things. Naturally you're sad about something so severe an life changing. So shaggy my PT comes up to me and says "hey check this out, this kid does backflips on his wheelchair" no way, I said. Sure enough he showed me a video of Aaron just huckin flips! It was at that moment in time, I knew things were going to be alright. When I finally escaped the hospital, my homie Kiefer took me to the park, threw a helmet on my head, and sure enough in about 5 minutes I was dropping in, and was hooked!


What other stuff do you like to do another then ride WCMX?
When I'm not riding wheelchairs, I'm either building them or building other badassery. I'm a self taught welder/fabricator, so I prefer the whole built not bought way of life. Right now, I'm building a fox body drift car that is all hand controlled with a sequential transmission, and a 1000cc street bike powered scale size trophy truck is also in the works.

How did you get into fabrication?
Some of my first memories were turning wrenches in the garage with my dad, we never had a lot of money I buy expensive toys, but we had nice things that we either built or fixed up. So as I got older and learned more, i discovered with the right tools and a welder, you can build so Much fun! From doing wheelies on my stunted out mini bike, to my 340cc twin 2stroke powered shifter cart, I was always building something. My dad could tell when I skipped school, because the tools were dirty and there was a new Ty half built in the shop, oopss.

Would you like to thank anyone or shout anyone out?
Damn straight! First off, my family for supporting my non sense and understanding why I do what I do. They may not like it, but they know that this is what I live for, and my reason for being put on this earth.
Second, a huge thanks to Mike, Morgan, and Allison Box for all the hospitality and support when I got into riding WCMX. Mike took me under his wing and treated me like a son. He taught me so much about not only building chairs, but just not giving a shit about what others think or say, and to just do and spread love.

Third, all of the company's that have shown support, not only to just me as a rider, but the sport of WCMX. There's too many to name, but some are the big homie kris over at Fatal clothing, always showing mad love and getting stoked on WCMX! Chas at Sayle bike shop! Since I can remember, he has helped me keep rolling! From sourcing parts to getting me tubes and tires, to helping me stay protected with flashy brain buckets etc. can't thank that dude enough!
A big ass shout out to Harry, mike, and the rest of the team over at The Wheel Mill for making their sick bike park wheelchair accessible so I can go there and learn tricks into the foam! Bunch of rad dudes! Check them out!

There are many many more, but my brain hurts from typing already. You know who yinz are, and Fatboy loves ya!

Whats one thing you want to tell everyone out there?
Don't be a bitch! There will be times in your life where you are knocked down, spit on and kicked. Nobody gives a flying fuck, get back up, dust yourself off, and keep fucking shit up! You will be faced with times of hard ship, and fear will paralyze you. Conquer that fear, fear is "False, Expectations, Appearing, Real" push it aside, and strive to reach your wildest dreams and goals. Because if I, some fat dude from shitty Pittsburgh can make somethingso beautiful, out of something so tragic then why can't you? Don't be another one of those people saying "I wish" or "I want" say "I will!" And "I can!" Now go out and fuck shit up today!

Make sure to check out my dude on IG @fatboy412